Fair Housing Committee

  • Lauren Gliniak, Chair
  • Sponsors bi-annual events related to fair housing

Education Committee

  • Sue Rosenthal, Chair
  • Co-Sponsors “What Prejudice Means to Me” essay and poster contest
  • Participates in Youth Leadership Training programs
  • Works with the Building Cross Cultural Communities Committee on providing programs and resources to schools

Community Relations Committee

  • Yvette Long, Chair
  • Promotes and fosters dialogue and understanding in the community

Community Outreach Committee

  • Denise Lanza, Chair
  • Publicizes the work of the Commission
  • Promotes community involvement with the Commission

Mediation Committee

  • Vacant
  • Helps groups and individuals resolve problems stemming from
  • racial/cultural/religious differences

Administration/Nominating Committee

  • Meyer Rosenthal, Chair
  • Nominates community members for Commission seats

Building Cross-Cultural Communities Committee

  • Denise Lanza and Harshad Anjaria, Chairs
  • Seeks to promote cultural awareness, education and dialogue, with a focus on middle and high school students.